A question on coronary heart disease (not a boring one i promise)?

Answer Hi Yash_red - Your questions require lengthy explanations. I will try and answer one at a time.1. High blood pressure is a cause of CHD but would it also be a symptom of a heart attack?! Answer: No... Read More »

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CHD (coronary heart disease) and mood swings?

Depression is the main cause if there no kidney problem ( high blood urea). I can understand your feelings, my dad had CHD. All you can do is be patient, and pray for him. One feels really helpless... Read More »

How HDL reduces the risk of coronary heart disease?

As a rule-of-thumb, people with higher HDL have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, there's no definitive proof that HDL has a preventative effect on CVD. Higher HDL may be ... Read More »

If coronary heart disease is linked to a bacterium, how might this affect the search for treatment?

Try to invent a vaccine rather than an antibiotic.

Heart disease question?

Doctors can usually use catheter procedures to close secundum ASDs. These are the most common type of ASD. If I had a secundum ASD and a doctor recommended open heart surgery instead of a catheter ... Read More »