A question for those of you that know about Computers?

Answer DONT LEAVE IT ON !!!!!!!!I did that when I was in uni and my laptop is wrecked. It frys the battery so you can't have it unplugged from the wall when you want to use it. its such a pain I wish I us... Read More »

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25 day cycle, a question for those who use Natural Family Planning, or know about cycles?

You *really* need to contact your doctor.

Probably a silly question, but i know nothing about computers! Please help!?

Open the settings of your Internet Explorer (Click Tools-->Internet Options-->General (Tab). On this pafe, click delete followed by delete forms.

A question for people that are Radio DJ's or know a lot about the industry?

If you're properly prepared, that should practically never happen. Too many people think you just go into the studio and start talking. The reality is much different.

This is a question for BBW, I am a BBW I want to know what is it about being a BBW that you like most?

Preach it sister!What I like most about being a fine fat woman is that I don't care about other people's opinion of my body. I'm healthy and happy in my fat body. I eat healthy [lots of fruits an... Read More »