A question for the Ladies !!?

Answer everything is normal. periods vary in symptoms VASTLY

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Question for the ladies?

it seems like girls like that r a lil dramatic so its prolly them not the guy : ) *star*

Ladies... a question if you please! over 18 please?

1. Depends on the guy - some guys don't look good with facial hair. The ones that do though - I prefer maybe a little goatee, but not a full beard and mustache.2. 6 pack is always nice, but not ma... Read More »

Ladies...A question about down below...?

You are most likely getting ingrown hairs because you shave upwards and not downwards. Always shave in the direction the hair grows, this should avoid those ingrown hairs. I've personally never ha... Read More »

Bra question for the ladies?

My hands are like a strapless bra *pushes em up* haha