A question for people that are Radio DJ's or know a lot about the industry?

Answer If you're properly prepared, that should practically never happen. Too many people think you just go into the studio and start talking. The reality is much different.

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What Is Competition Like in the Radio Broadcasting Industry?

"Everything has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace" exclaims Adam Theirer, president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, while contemplating the competition posed by "disruptive te... Read More »

Question on HDTVs. What is EPG and DMA stand for in TV industry Which HDTV is better (details inside)?

follow theses links. they should wxplain everything. hope they help!

How many people are employed in the toy industry?

In 2007, the toy industry employed 17,200 workers in the United States. This total topped out in 1993, when this sector employed 42,300. The Toy Industry Association cites manufacturing jobs moving... Read More »

In your opinion who are the top 20 most important people in the film industry?

These might not be in a specific order, considering the fact that deciding importance is opinion based:1. William K.L. Dickson2. Thomas Edison3. Alfred Hitchcock4. Walt Disney5. Edwin Porter6. The ... Read More »