A question for others who don't eat meat:?

Answer No, you don't have to if you eat a balanced diet. Get this Vegetarian Starter Kit it's the one I used Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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If humans are meant to eat meat why dont they eat their meat raw like natural meateaters do?

humans arent meant to eat meat. we dont have canine teeth, our stomachs and digestive system arent made for eating meat. it actually clogs up your digestive system for a couple days. humans arent n... Read More »

If people can eat pig meat why dont they eat DOG meat?

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.everyone that complains are just hypocrites. you only call them pets because you keep them alive. people consider chicken and other farm animals pets but still they eat the... Read More »

If vegetarians dont like meat?

Mainly for protein intake. But isn't itso great when you get a nice juicy steak off the grill and throw it onto a plate?

Why dont vegitarians eat meat?

various reasons. Health, religious, morality, etc.