A question for fellow moral vegetarians/vegans!?

Answer Why not make a hamburger from your mom and dad when they die? They're just a piece of meat then. Same logic. I'm not a moral vegetarian but this is a twisted question, I tried to show why.

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I have a bit of a deep question for fellow RTV addicts, can you help?

We are Sad morons Gart, you know it, I know it..why pretend. I embrace my imbecilic tendencies. Hail to the rise of the Idiots…

A question for my fellow working Mommys?

"Well if every mother did that, you'd be out of a job now wouldn't you??" ....would have sprung out of my mouth before I could have done anything about's pretty stupid. But sadly, I ... Read More »

Question for all fellow adolescent section users?

My question is this: For those who have moral issues with eating meat or "anything with a face" or any animal?

Good Question. I used this argument in a response to a vegan question and got hammered with thumbs downs. It makes a lot of sense. If you won't eat meat, won't wear leather, won't drink milk o... Read More »