A question for computer geeks. What is an add on?

Answer Add-on, also known as Add-in, is a mini program that runs in combination with the main application in order to extend and improve the functionality of that application. For example if you download... Read More »

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Question for computer geeks, nerds and experts....?

CEBKAC might apply. Conniption Exist Between Keyboard And Chair...its a household name.Twice, computers have brought me to such a stage. It is a special level of frustration reserved for items th... Read More » question. Please help soon?

This is s great rig based on what you posted above and well priced: SPECS: Quad-Core 2.1Ghz 4GB 1 TB Windows 7… is full on legit! ... Read More »

Hi, all you computer geeks; can you help, please?

Most computers today have something like 64 or 128 megabytes of RAM (random-access memory) available for use by the CPU (central processing unit). Often, that amount of RAM is not enough to run all... Read More »

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