A question about working at child care center?

Answer most centers in most states are required to do a crimminal background check through child protective services and/or the state highway patrol (fingerprints required here). so your crime will show ... Read More »

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When your working at a child care center, what would you do when you have free time with the children?

Children are actually pretty self-entertaining! All you have to do is interact with them. Play a game, like a board game. They'll love it! Ask what they want to play with and join them in their... Read More »

My wife is working in child day care center as a lead teacher.How she supposed to handle this difficult mom?

You've had some good answers. Where are the the way. Did she even come to school with it or were they still in her bag from having to change her clothes? Encourage your wife to ke... Read More »

Is it easy to open your child care center?

It is more than you could ever imagine. Please be dedicated to this before you just build yourself a center. My mom just opened one. They have been open for about 8 months. The processes are:If yo... Read More »

How much is liability insurance for a child care center?

There is no way to answer this, rating is dependent on too many factors, contact an agent or agents in your area and get quotes.