A question about wine?

Answer All wines need time to mature - the better the wine the longer it will take and the longer the wine will last. But none will last for ever. And, no, wines don't get stronger with age. A 14.5%abv wi... Read More »

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Wine question..........?

Well you know what they say, "Wine always gets better with age!" as long as the bottles have not been opened and there is no visible contaminants within the win is completely safe to drink.

Wine Question!!! PLEASE HELP?

Question about curious symptoms from partaking overly much of wine...?

It sounds like you are suffering from a "bangover". It's like a "hangover", except it results from the mixture of too much alcohol and too many good friends of questionable sexual preference.It ha... Read More »

A question about white wine and why it must be refridgerated or cooled to be appreciated.?

Depends on the grape, some white grapes grow great in Northern climates (Michigan for instance). Prior to electricity, caves and wine cellars were the means of storage.Somebody, a very long time ag... Read More »