A question about vitamin D deficiency?

Answer Did your last post get deleted? It wasn't even contentious! I'll just re-post my last answer if thats OK. Short answer: Not necessarily. RedAngel is making assumptions. RedAngel (bless her) takes... Read More »

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Question about iron deficiency?

An iron level only tells what is going on at that moment. A better picture of what has been occurring can be found out by looking at a CBC (complete blood count). Do you remember if you had a pur... Read More »

Question about taking a vitamin b supplement...?

Why would a b vitamin supplement make you tired? or the lack thereof for one day? Deficiencies or toxicity doesn't occur that quicklyAs for what they do read, b vitamins aren't one vitamin they are... Read More »

Vitamin C Deficiency in a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of several species that can suffer from a serious vitamin C deficiency because their bodies can't produce it on their own. In people, a vitamin C deficiency is called "scurvy." ... Read More »

Can Vitamin D deficiency cause striae?

Based on studies, striae is not caused by Vitamin D deficiency. There is no definitive reason as to what causes it. According to Medscape, striae may be caused by stress rupture of the connective t... Read More »