A question about virginity?

Answer Of course not. The first time is practice anyway...

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Virginity question.?

Men are not judged negatively if we lose our virginity at a young age, why should women?As far as celibacy goes, I respect a person who is kind more than a person who is cruel and celibate. In oth... Read More »

Question on losing my Virginity?

It sounds like you're unsure about this, so only go ahead with it if you're certain you want to do it. Don't feel pressured by your friend or society to act like this. Although, I can perfectly und... Read More »

About losing your virginity?

when loosing your virginity, its when the hymen is broken by penetration.if the dildo breaks this then yes i would say the virginity is lost.however it can grow over again, with months-years of no ... Read More »

What show was that when women talk about how they lost their virginity it aired usually on W network?

He hosted the 'Tonight show' meaning he never host the 'Late show'.