A question about studen loan?

Answer Yes you can get but the rate of intesrest will be higher one. Try some scholarships or grants also . In case you don't get try to get help from your parents and ask them to be your cosigner and the... Read More »

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Question about Stafford Loan?

How does your college disburse financial aid. Each college is different. At my daughter's university she gets half per semester. The college charges her account per semester. Her federal grants... Read More »

Question about student loan!?

This is a pretty standard question. Without spending too much time in a financial aid office, there is plenty you can do get the process started. Start by going to and fi... Read More »

Question about my finances. Using overage check to pay off auto loan a good idea?

So IF you went to your grandma and asked her for $5000 for college and she gives you the money from her IRA, then you turn around and use it to buy a car for peace of mind, then scrape to maybe pay... Read More »

STUDENT LOAN QUESTION: I was curious about whether you could be put in jail for defaulting on student loans?

You cannot be put in jail for defaulting on your loans because there is no debtor's prison in the U.S. Also, you cannot have your education revoked because of bad debt. However, your Alma Mater may... Read More »