A question about plasma tvs?

Answer I've had one for three years and haven't had a problem with mine. On the weekends it stays on all day. I do know that if you hook up some game systems you should do that because it will burn into... Read More »

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Question for those who actually OWN a Plasma or LCD TV.?

I own a 50" Sony Plasma. Plasma's have an amazing picture but are 2x the price of a LCD, which has an almost equal picture quality, unless you have a keen eye for pixel resolution, you can't tell t... Read More »

The common question: Plasma, or LCD?

The differences between a plasma and LCD television aren't exactly night an day but there is some contrast between the two...In the past there was a vast price difference between plasma and LCD, bu... Read More »

Question about Plasma Screen TVs?

The resolution really matters when you are closer to the TV. If you are sitting farther back, you won't be able to tell the difference. Also, we just bought a new JVC 42" HD LCD with 720p. It is fr... Read More »

Which is better LCD or Plasma TV's Can someone put a rest to this mind boggling question?

- Plasma TVs are the current size champions, particularly when comparing TVs that consumers can easily purchase. LCDs are catching up in size with their developing technology, however, and may surp... Read More »