A question about paranormal activity?

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How to Watch Paranormal Activity Alone?

Paranormal Activity may be one of the most low budget scary movie ever to scare almost everybody in a theatre, reaching over 10 million in the first week it was released. Here are some steps to wat... Read More »

Paranormal Activity Science Projects?

Paranormal activity is a subject of great interest for many people, and ghosts are more than just stories. An array of scientific instruments can be used to measure the presence of spirits and brid... Read More »

Why in Paranormal Activity it says at the end "We still don't know about Katie's whereabouts" ?

Are you really that stupid? It is part of the movie. Obviously the whole thing is not real. Do you expect the cast to all come out at the end and sing showtunes at the end?

How to Investigate a Paranormal Activity or Experience?

Have you ever felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Have doors slammed shut with no one else in the house? Why not approach the situation logically and maybe learn something cool about it?