A question about my partners 4 yr.old?

Answer call your school district

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What is the difference between general partners&limited partners?

General partners and limited partners serve very different functions within a partnership; although they work closely together, limited partners are much more restricted in their role.General Partn... Read More »

Should you tell other partners about HPV?

On One Hand: Telling a Partner is a Responsible ChoiceSexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) has many forms. In some cases, genital warts are caused; in other cases, no signs may be seen. ... Read More »

How much money do YouTube Partners make about average?

actually youtube has the partnership program for users who want to earn a bit of cash by making videos, plus you have to give youtube your credit card details so they can pay youplus to become a pa... Read More »

When did the u.s. census bureau start gathering information about same-sex partners?

Cohabiting same-sex couples have been able to identify themselves in the U.S. census since 1990. However, the U.S. Census Bureau did not consider them married, due to restrictions in the Defense o... Read More »