A question about data types.?

Answer Types and bytes are defined by either the architecture of the computer or the definition of the higher level language in question. In Java the following link would be useful for illustration.http:... Read More »

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Question about iphone data usage?

You should download a data monitoring app to see what is using your data & when. Could help in figuring out the cause & a solution.

Can you help me answer this question about counting categorical data with Excel?

Use the countif function. For example:=Countif(A:A,"B")This will tell you how many cells in column A have the value "B". You can replace "B" with the name of the campus. Repeat this command for ... Read More »

Question about home-brews and types of yeast(10pts easy!)?

This is not home-brewing but perhaps home-hooching. As a long as you keep air from the mixture you will produce some alcohol. The amount produced is unpredictable and unreliable. The longer or slow... Read More »

Types of Primary Data?

Collecting data is the first step in completing any research study or paper. Data comes in two forms: primary and secondary. Primary data is obtained from studies, interviews and experiments conduc... Read More »