A question about connecting to SQL Server.?

Answer Hi there, its working fine for me when i tried. i hope you are already familiar that you need to use sql service instance with local/localhost. Eg. localhost\ will connect. Instaed n... Read More »

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How do I block an IP address from connecting to an Apache web server?

Access Control in the Apache ConfigurationAdd the following to your Apache web server configuration file if you have access to this file. Replace "/web/content/" to the directory on your server whe... Read More »

Question about Windows server and Linux server?

Samba is what you are looking for. It may be installed with your Linux server.…

A question about connecting PC to TV..wires and cables?

The only two analog connections that can give you an HD picture are VGA (the D-shaped 15-pin standard monitor jack) and YPbPr component (red, green and blue RCA jacks). S-video and composite are l... Read More »

Here is a better question: Does everyone know that the standard for tipping a server is 20% in the U.S.?

Someone put it very well in another forum. Why should I tip based on a percentage of my bill? The server did not expend any extra effort to deliver a $10 meal than he/she did to deliver a $5 meal. ... Read More »