A question about bullying among 3-4 yr olds?

Answer First of all, with regards to the school bullying, you should call the attention of the classroom teacher. Write an e-mail, talk to her in person whatever. And see how she respond, if she is not ... Read More »

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4 year-olds question...?

Considering that the brain is MUCH MORE active in a toddler than in a college student...MANY. I find the most questions are asked at 3...but only slightly less at 4. They are learning learning le... Read More »

Question for 14-16 year olds or anyone who remembers being that age (females)?

i still do. honestly who cares? they've got money!

What Are the Causes of Bullying?

Bullies generally feel insecure and inferior to others. They put others down in an effort to build themselves up. This may appear to work for them but they have to continue this behavior to proceed... Read More »

A defintion of bullying?

My definition: When one or more people harm, hurt or harass one or more people either physically or emotionally. Everyone's definition's would be different because it's about what their bully did... Read More »