A question about baking soda?

Answer It's probably that colloidal silver stuff.She's doing nothing really. The booze will be the problem. I doubt baking soda will harm her apart from the fact she doesn't eat, and the water can turn he... Read More »

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Plz read best answer 10 pts! baking soda question!!!! Help meeee:p?

Well it does. But you can still use it every other day! Don't be scared (: I do it too and my dentist still says my teeth are perfect! If you're that skeptical, try getting the toothpaste that has ... Read More »

Question about baking!!!!!!!!!?

Question about Baking Cookies?

20 minutes is probably too long..Most cookies only take 10-12 minutes..

How to Replace Baking Powder With Cream of Tartar & Baking Soda?

Baking powder is a leavening agent used in many baked good recipes to help the batter rise as it bakes. The use of baking powder is what helps cakes become fluffy and cookies to have a cakelike tex... Read More »