A question about animal testing...?

Answer Before anything can be used it has to be tested on animals. These companies that say they don't test on animals know that the ingrediants they use have already been tested - plus if they use these... Read More »

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What is good about animal testing?

According to Santa Clara University, scientists use 20 million animal in experiments each year. Animal rights groups believe this to be ethically wrong, but sometimes, animal testing provides the o... Read More »

Question about marijuana and drug testing Please help?

Not unless the rooms really filled with smoke, you need a good amount taken into the lungs to acquire enough to fail most drug tests. If you have only used 1 to 3 times in a month, then for 10 to 3... Read More »

Question about Accu-Chek Aviva testing strips?

The Accu-Check Aviva Testing plus testing strips are designed for the current Accu-check Aviva meter. The difference is that it is said to be designed to be more accurate than the regular or old on... Read More »

Animal Testing?

Legal issues. We live in a lawsuit-happy time period, and if some fat, middle aged lady slapped on some lotion and got a gross, bubbly rash, she'd probably lose a dress size running so fast for the... Read More »