A question about SLR & TLR Cameras?

Answer I a sort of confused. Why are you saying this camera uses 120 mm film. There is NO such thing. There is 120 film, but it is no more than 70 mm wide.The film for the TLR Yashica can be found here... Read More »

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Question about cameras?

Well depends what camera it is. I used to have a five mega pixel and an eight mega pixel. I found myself loving the five mega pixel more because for some reason the pictures just looked better. The... Read More »

Question about canon elph cameras?

I think you need to learn how to research cameras ! The Canon Elph 100 is a low end point & shoot camera. NO WHERE near a D-SLR ! But if all you want is to take photos of family and friends, the ... Read More »

Question about digital cameras.... help please?

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