A question about Internet Routers?

Answer It's not 300 MB it's 300 Mbps which means 300 megabits per second not Mega Byte. The speed is determined by your service provider. Most home users whom are on high speed Internet are offered betwee... Read More »

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Question about internet download speed. (internet connection, please help)?

your plan is 2 megabits .......not megabytes....1 megabyte = 8 megabits1200 KB = 1 megabyteso take 2 divided by 8 comes out to 0.25 megabyteswhich ='s 250 KB/sif you go to www.speedtest.netthere is... Read More »

Question about wireless internet...?

For me it would be a toss up between changing the channel and moving the router. I'd say it's a frequency issue with your phone.There is always the chance that you have a bad wire (wind blows it o... Read More »

Question about internet connections?

It could possibly be the main phone point face plate. Unscrew the two screws on the phone point face plate and take it off. Behind there should be a test socket, plug your filter into it and try th... Read More »

Question about internet and privacy?

This is what cookies are, cookies are gathered based on things that you browse, in your example, booking a flight from London to Albuquerque. If you were looking this up on say, easyjet, these cook... Read More »