A question about International Adoption?

Answer It's easier to say that people are racist or spoiled, or self-centered, than it is to look at the real issues. It's easier to ignore what people are actually saying than it is to delve into the re... Read More »

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What kind of adoption is good for an international adoption?

On One Hand: You Can Learn an Older Child's BackgroundWhen you adopt a noninfant internationally, your family will usually receive a more complete medical history for the child than if you adopt an... Read More »

How much does international adoption cost?

According to, an agency that provides information on the adoption process, the cost of international adoptions ranges from $7,000 to $30,000. There are financial sources that can help,... Read More »

The Pro & Cons of International Adoption?

Thousands of Americans adopt children from countries including Russia, Haiti, China, Japan, Thailand, Guatemala and Vietnam. Most international adoptions follow a similar process. Families apply to... Read More »

Is international adoption "the lie we love"?

I feel like the biggest piece of $hit right now. I can honestly say through ignorance and putting too much faith in humanity and actually believing I was going to make a difference, I would have b... Read More »