A question about FASFA?

Answer FAFSA will take 6-8 weeks to get you that FA money. I would advise you to purchase all USED text books or go to you can get NEW USED textbooks for about half the price. Don't be picky ... Read More »

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FASFA question on EFC?

An EFC this high means that you and your parents have a decent income and will not likely qualify for federal grant (Free) aid. You will likely qualify for federal Stafford student loans and paren... Read More »

Need help with FASFA?

You can register now. Just put on the FAFSA application the school codes of the schools you will like to attend. If you end up not going to none of the schhols its ok, because its up to the school ... Read More »

How much can a student get from FASFA?

FAFSA is just the application, not the loan.Loans rely a little less on how much you make so you should qualify for the full amount. When I was in school two years ago it was about $11000 per year ... Read More »

FASFA and Financial Aid?

Yes. Convince your parents to give you the info. It's the only way. By providing it, they arent obligating themselves to pay for your school... on the contrary, they are allowing you to pay for... Read More »