A poll, what are Operating system/platform are you reading this question on?

Answer windows (xp)

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I have a operating systems question about first fit algorithms?

If the first available block is too small, the next block is tried, until a good one is found or there are no more blocks. If the allocator runs out of blocks, it fails to allocate (malloc: returns... Read More »

POLL Question # 3.....Choose one .........?

Your kitty is so cute! If I had to watch a new soap, I'd choose Y&R.

Poll: Medical question .....?

Wonder why don't you be a good cat and just wait? Good things come to those who wait.

POLL QUESTION:which is best windows XP or vista?

XP, i have vista and trust me it is no good. not good for installing software, has bugs, mostly only thing is some parts look better,apart from that its rubbish, i keep getting pop ups on the inte... Read More »