A person who rides a bus is called?

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What is a person who rides a bus called?

What is the cart called that a jockey rides behind the horse?

In harness or trotting racing, the jockey sits behind the horse in an aerodynamic cart known as a sulky or ride bike. Each sulky is specifically made for the horse.Source:United States Trotting Ass... Read More »

Just curious, what turns a guy on more, a girl who rides on the back or rides her own bike?

I like the feeling of having my darling wife on the back however, by her own admission, she gets all fired up after going for a ride on her own bike. So I get her to ride when I can :)

What is it called when a person under the age of 18 is dating a person over the age of 18?

it isn't anything. But if you do have sexual iintercorse it would be sexually assult, even if she is ok with it. So it is illegal to have any further contact like sex