A period issue. about stress (plz only women )?

Answer Haha yes! I've done it! And ive willed mine to come early! Go womanly-will power! Woo! *highfives*Or on the logical side of things - its cause you were stressing out so bad ^^ stress delays zee per... Read More »

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Omg did i my period URGENT.. women only?

CONGRATULATIONS. Yes, it's your period. WAKE UP YOUR MOTHER NOW. She needs to know. DO NOT LET HER SLEEP THROUGH THIS. (Yes, I'm YELLING nicely at you). I got mine at 13 too. Use the pad tonigt. If... Read More »

Question about my period {LADIES ONLY!}?

Well... Im a christian so I would just pray about it thats the best advise I have... But if your not... well... I would just wait it out for a while... if you have cramps eat bannanas they are supp... Read More »

GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! It's about my period...?

why should you be worried if you are not having sex?**

Is it true that only few women think about circumcision 'ª?

That is impossible to know and based on stats, I would say not true since so many male babies are circumcised. We circumcised our son and I still don't know how I feel about it. I mean, my husban... Read More »