A nursing mother should consume about how many cups of fluid a day?

Answer 10 cups a day

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Can Capstar be given to a nursing mother?

Capstar is a versatile flea & tick treatment because it works quickly and can be given to almost every dog or cat. It is safe and effective for pregnant and nursing mothers, mostly because it is sa... Read More »

Foods for a Nursing Mother?

It was once thought that adding 500 calories a day to a nursing mother's diet would help her body produce an adequate milk supply. Doctors now agree that the kind of food she eats is much more impo... Read More »

Nursing Process Regarding a Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance?

Fluids and electrolytes must stay in balance to keep your body healthy. Intracellular fluids refer to fluids inside your cells, extracellular means outside your cells. Electrolytes are compounds th... Read More »

Nursing Mother Workplace Policies?

Nursing is good for both newborn infants and their mothers. It is important for the baby because breast milk helps the development of the immune system of the infant, according to Dr. William Sears... Read More »