A nursing mother should consume about how many cups of fluid a day?

Answer 10 cups a day

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If I worried about losing weight, how many mg of sodium should I consume?

Okay, so weight loss is UNDESIRABLE? This suggests either very poor appetite and/or something that is causing hypermetabolic energy requirements - as in an uncontrolled process (cancer) or a period... Read More »

How many calories should a child consume a day?

It varies based on gender, height, age, and activity, but the average teen that age should consume between 1,400 and 1,600 caloires a day. A younger child should consume up to 1,300 caloires a day.

How many fat grams should children consume?

According to the Children's Nutrition Research Center and Baylor College of Medicine, children should get between 33 and 54 grams of fat per day at ages 2 to 3; 39 to 62 grams per day from ages 4 t... Read More »

How many carbohydrates should a diabetic consume?

On One Hand: Count Carbohydrate Grams ConsumedRegistered Dietician Janis Roszler reports that for individuals with diabetes should consume about 130 grams of carbohydrates (starches) each day. She ... Read More »