A nation of Tea drinkers What's in your teapot?

Answer Punjana. At the mo I have 2 shrivelled up t bags which I will be putting to good use , ON MY EYES AND THE OTHER TO FEED MY PLANTS WITH.

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Who would win in a war between tea drinkers and coffee drinkers?

Tea of course, it got us through the war didn't it??

The idea of means that no nation may aggressively seize another nation's land?

What is a nation administrated by another nation?

Try "mandate". It could also be a colony, or it could be a protectorate, or could be simply an invaded country depending on the context.

DIY Teapot?

For true tea enthusiasts, a proper tea pot is an essential part of enjoying the beverage. Creating a teapot is an exercise in ceramic craftsmanship, as the result must fulfill requirements of form ... Read More »