A mentally unstable person likes me what do I do?

Answer People can be mentally unstable in many ways and its not always a bad thing. If you're in a school for example then be his/hers friend as much as needed. No one really likes to be left alone or iso... Read More »

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Can you get custody of a younger sibling if both your parents are mentally unstable?

Answer YES!!! The court has to be satisfied that the parents are in fact unstable, and that you can provide adequate care for the sibling. Answer Maybe. There are two options available for petitio... Read More »

Can Child Protective Services take the children of a mentally unstable parent?

Can a Child be Taken by CPS Yes, if CPS believes the child is neglected or could be harmed.

What to do if a mentally challenged person hit you?

Well, just tell an adult. They should be able to take control without any trouble.

You want to help a mentally retarded person how do you?

every child is born unique and special, but some circumstances surrounding their birth may just leave them with this condition referred to as mental retardation. it is a limitation that interferes... Read More »