A lot of redbull. Am I okay?

Answer Do you live with anyone? Tell someone so they can get you help if you start having chest pains. Don't ever drink more than one can of energy drinks. They can stop your heart.

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Do you have to be 18+ to buy redbull in the us?

Why is redbull so good?

Redbull is so good because it's Redbull.I'm pretty sure the main ingredient that gives it that kinda fruity flavor is caffeine I also looked on the website and found the ingredients list; caffeine,... Read More »

Why can't I stop drinking Redbull!?

Dude you're addicted to it. You cant really do anything now. Just try to be mentally strong and force yourself to not drink it. Drink lots of water and juice, maybe that will help. Try to go for a ... Read More »

Can you drink redbull during pregnancy?

I wouldn't take the risk. Why not drink healthier things?