A lot of discomfort in my mouth?

Answer did your orthodontist give you any wax? I would suggest putting that on the sharp bits. If you don't have any wax you should be able to buy it in the dental section of your grocery store or from mo... Read More »

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What's the best thing to cure/ease the discomfort of mouth ulcers?

Take a small piece of ice, wet it and apply on the ulcer. Apply it directly on the sore for 10 seconds, remove and wait for 3 sec then apply again. Repeat for 5 minutes and do it every hour.The m... Read More »

Do Dental X-rays hurt Im scared of what they are going to stuff into my mouth Is there any discomfort?

Dental xray can be unconfortable. I am a dental hygienist (for 12 years) and I can tell you, it depends on how the xray are taken, how small your mouth is and the technique used. I work with a ped... Read More »

You've been trained in first and you see a hobo collapse, do you give him mouth to mouth?

Act first ask question after wards, once helped a Tramp (hobo) in the West End of London who was incoherent and fell In to the road. No CPR was needed only humane reaction to get him away from dan... Read More »

In mouth to mouth resuscitation how would your exhaled breath help the person in receiving aid?

The atmosphere around you contains roughly 20% oxygen. When you inhale, then exhale, you trap some, but even in exhaling after a breath, you're putting out approximately 14% oxygen. While this isn'... Read More »