A little tiny hole in my elbow will not stop bleeding?

Answer You've developed something called "you pricked a joint and keep moving it so a scab can't form and stop the bleeding".

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A person taking an anticoagulant for a pulmonary embolism accidentally cuts his hand The cut won't stop bleeding Administratoin of what vitamin may help stop the bleeding?

My lip is bleeding because I bit it. It has been bleeding for like 40 minutes-- how do i stop the bleeding./?

You just need to stop messing with it. Dabbing it with tissues over and over only prevents the blood from clotting and the scab forming. I chew my lips too, I would start using ChapStick or Burts B... Read More »

Will it stop bleeding by morning?

Look I think you should see a doctor it sound pretty bad.... and maybe you should talk to someone about your problem! Doing something like that always turns out bad... please get help

If you are pregnant and then started bleeding and after you stop bleeding you still have the symptoms does it mean you are still pregnanti was only bleeding for a week?

go see a doctor ANSWER BY XxPINKPRINCESSxX Hi did you take a pregnancy test did it come up positive? If not how did you know that you are pregnant cause if it came up negative and your thinking y... Read More »