A little scared please read?

Answer you should definitely tell your parents about it and see your doctor... NOW!

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I'm scared :-( please read?

Hi Nikki sorry to hear about your granny and it is ok to be scared about someone you love getting close to death I can only give you words of comfort and support at this sad time but remember it is... Read More »

Please help me...concerned about a precious 9 year old little girl who is sick...please read and answer.......?

Oh my I am so very sorry. My daughter had a medical problem when she was 4 and was not eating or drinking. The doctors said if she didn't start they were going to put her in the hospital with IV"... Read More »

I smoked 4 packs of cigarette in 2 weeks! Do I have lung cancer Scared please read.?

Lol your definitely going to die better start writing your will.

I fear for my life possible cancer help please read it all its a little long?

Cancer is different in different people. Symtoms vary from person to person. Even with MRI's, it can be cancer. Just the way it is. My friend had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 17. She had no ... Read More »