A little Shane Dawson quiz..?

Answer 1) How old is he?He's 20.2) What is his brother's name?He has a brother?! Umm idk but it was probably that kid from "Why was I born?"3) What city does he live in?Not sure but I know its in Cali4) W... Read More »

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Who is that girl in Shane Dawson's video?

What is the UK copyright law regarding copying popular tv quiz show formats in a not for profit quiz book eg the hexagons and initials from Blockbusters?

This is likely to be considered a derivative work, which would require permission from the producers of Blockbusters. Even though your project is not for profit, you may wish to talk to an attorney.

Programming quiz , math quiz?

i remember years ago i came across the very same problem.and i solved it with implementation.anyhow, as soon as i figure it out i'll do a second post.

Is Shane on blu ray?