A little Shane Dawson quiz..?

Answer 1) How old is he?He's 20.2) What is his brother's name?He has a brother?! Umm idk but it was probably that kid from "Why was I born?"3) What city does he live in?Not sure but I know its in Cali4) W... Read More »

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What is the UK copyright law regarding copying popular tv quiz show formats in a not for profit quiz book eg the hexagons and initials from Blockbusters?

This is likely to be considered a derivative work, which would require permission from the producers of Blockbusters. Even though your project is not for profit, you may wish to talk to an attorney.

Programming quiz , math quiz?

i remember years ago i came across the very same problem.and i solved it with implementation.anyhow, as soon as i figure it out i'll do a second post.

When did Richard Dawson die?

As of May 2010, Richard Dawson is still alive. The actor, well known for his role on "Hogan's Heroes" and for hosting "Family Feud" between the years of 1976 and 1985, currently resides in Beverly ... Read More »

Is Shane on blu ray?