A light headed/dizzy feeling when i get up got worse. is this bad/normal?

Answer Sounds like you may be anaemic, or have low blood pressure condition. Bee pollen is helpful. Look at item 7,…

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Started antidepressants and feeling worse?

It's completely normal. You should let your doctor know, so they can work out if the medication is okay or if they need to give you a different dose, or just keep an eye on you. Symptoms are known ... Read More »

Since Monday I've been dizzy and getting a tingling feeling in my arm, and it's just getting worse?

Vertigo, sensitivity to lights, headache, neck pain = you might be suffering adrenal fatigue. Check out… My adrenals have been trashed for about six mo... Read More »

You are feeling light cramps and have had spotting for a few minutes one day skipped one day then light spots another day could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Spotting is sometimes considered implantation bleeding, though this is not as common as we would like to believe especially when trying to conceive. It's entirely possible to be pregnant, t... Read More »

Just wondering is it normal if i been light headed since I slept and woke up and still feeling light headed?

It's not exactly normal, but you may be able to fix it by eating something to hold you over until your first meal and then get some fresh air and see if you feel any better.Skyler DiPasquale.