A huge 2 inch wasp landed on my hand and then flew away?

Answer Oh wow, I can't believe I stumbled upon this question. I've seen one of those. Apparently, those wasps come from Japan and have a nasty sting.I'd recommend washing your hand with antibacterial soap... Read More »

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A fly landed on my hand!!!?

If you didn't use sani-wipes all the time, your immune system would be able to handle flies, common germs, and digging in the dirt. Because you do, your immune system is weak. Doctors stay in ... Read More »

I got angry at this girl and shattered the huge 100 something inch flat screen TV in her basement!?

Eventually yes, because you have to tell someone (actually you just told million of people and one of us may know about that famous party and the broken TV) - it is obviously too big an event to ke... Read More »

Does anyone sell a hand held portable digital television I had a 2.5 inch analog (useless after Feb19, 2009)?

I don't think it matters if its not hooked up to cable.

Which TV should I get - 32-inch Sony (KDL32SL130), 37-inch Toshiba (37HL67) or 42-inch Phillips (42TA648BX)?

GET THE PHILIPS 42" it's a steal for that price and it's $200 off so it's $999.99it's 1080p , the contrast ratio is very good and pretty good response time buy it it's very cheap for that kind of t... Read More »