A huge 2 inch wasp landed on my hand and then flew away?

Answer Oh wow, I can't believe I stumbled upon this question. I've seen one of those. Apparently, those wasps come from Japan and have a nasty sting.I'd recommend washing your hand with antibacterial soap... Read More »

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What does illegal argument exception receiver not registered mean its come up on my android cell pH b4 and then follows some security info in my data log then pauses everything then a huge data dump?

A fly landed on my hand!!!?

If you didn't use sani-wipes all the time, your immune system would be able to handle flies, common germs, and digging in the dirt. Because you do, your immune system is weak. Doctors stay in ... Read More »

My squash flew away into this void!?

If a mosquito or insect bit an infected person with HIV. Would it pass it on if it flew and then bit you?

The answer is very simply and comprehensively no. I'm an epidemiologist and my speciality was HIV/AIDS and STIs for more than 11 years. But experience teaches me that you often have to work very ha... Read More »