A horrendous experience last

Answer If you're a female it is very rare for woman to have heart pain while having a heart attack. I would stop for now. Read the label and see what is says. And talk to your doctor. Good luck! Ps if you... Read More »

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What garden vegetables can take horrendous weather conditions?

Sounds like typical NDak summer weather only we get a little hotter and definitely a lot windier.I adopt a two pronged approach.One is benign neglect (xeriscape) with native plants and there domest... Read More »

Athe start of my hot flashes, I experience a wave of pain at the top part of my somach. It only last for?

If your Dr gives you no answer then the answer is get the heck to a new Dr.I am not sure I have ever heard of pain at the top of your head before a hot flash. Do you have high blood pressure? And d... Read More »

What are some horrendous things done in the name of religion in Malaysia?

Body SnatchingDestruction of Templessplitting of familiesForced conversionReligious discrimination and persecutionISAAll in the name of religion for the Mahathir's cronies to remain in power and we... Read More »

What to put for work experience on an application for a restaurant when you have no experience in that area?