A good/safe tween club in Brooklyn Ny?

Answer I hate to dispoint you, but i don't think you're going to find any club in the US that allows tweens. 21 and up, couse of the alcohol.Try Chuck E Cheese.

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How to Make a Fair Club (Tween Girls)?

Im about to turn 17 and i want to find a teens club in brooklyn or manhattan to go to with my friends?

You should swing by BrightHorizons, they're down on East 70th. I think you and your friends would love it!

From which part of Brooklyn is Hanna from 'The Bad Girls Club'?

Yes they have to determine whether you qualify. Only a few people get beyond the preauditions and are seen by the TV judges of American Idol

How to Be a Mature Tween?

A tween is usually a kid who is 9-12 years old. Many tweens are treated as if they are still toddlers. How can you change being treated like that? By learning how to become a mature tween!