A good video card for a ubuntu based pc.?

Answer Well I have an Nvidia 256mb GeForce 6200 and that performs superbly.…For a DVD burner I recommend ASUS Light Scribe DRW-1814BL Read More »

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How to Configure a Video Card in Ubuntu?

To be able to configure your video card in Ubuntu, you should to go to this site: This article is dedicated to 32/bit users.

Ubuntu video card problem?

Uninstall the old driver and install new one. There is a script called "Envy NG". It will detect the correct driver and install it for you.…

Video card problems with the new linux mint 7/ubuntu jaunty jackalope?

Intel Graphics Performance Guide for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) Users…LUg.

Is this a good video card?

Depends entirely on what you are doing, for games it will never be enough. Having said that, if you are only word processing then it'd be fine.…This is a f... Read More »