A good portable phone for use with Magic Jack?

Answer there is a real small kinda flip-phone just for that purpose...I will look up the website.I use MJ and travel with it!!…

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Is the magic jack phone system really any good?

Tim and Robin are both wrong - You CAN receive calls on Magic Jack.I've had one for about a month now. I do have problems when I call my mom, who lives in a rural area served by a small telco. Some... Read More »

Is Magic Jack a good thing to have what are some bad things that can happen when you have Magic Jack?

you gonna love it!!I have it since last may and love it!but remember, if you are like the rest of most ppl who need every thing spoon-feed, then the MJ is not for you....but if you get turned on by... Read More »

Does the Magic Jack show phone call information on the phone?

MagicJack will show the call information of the person who is calling you on your phone. When you call another person, he will see your 10-digit telephone number if he has caller ID.References:Magi... Read More »

Can you hook up more than one phone to a magic Jack?

Yes, magicJack allows for several phones to be hooked up to it at one time. With a cordless phone, you plug the base station into the magicJack, which allows for more than one cordless handset to b... Read More »