A good external microphone for Canon 600D?

Answer If you buying an external mic then you are starting to take sound seriously.The only real improvement in sound would be to get a mic you can use close to the source.Although camera top mics tend to... Read More »

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What is a good landscape lens for Canon 600d?

The 18-55 IS that came with it is a pretty decent landscape lens, and not too shabby as a walk-around. If you have the cash, the Canon 15-85 IS is much better at both.Use that lens for a while, and... Read More »

What is a good external microphone for Sony HDR PJ50E?

Set a budget.There is no single best mic. Sometimes you want a "shotgun" mic and sometimes you want a hand-held "dynamic" mic and sometimes you want a clip-on mic.Your camcorder has a 1/8" (3.5mm) ... Read More »

What is a good camera for making amateur movies, and has an external microphone jack?

A Year ago I would recommend a miniDV.Today I am undecided. believe You should choose a HD camcorder with a hard disk if You work with a PC.Many regular camcorders have a mini stereo mic jack and a... Read More »

Which camera is best canon 600d or canon 550d or 650d?

Go for the 650D. It has processor correction for chromatic aberration that earlier Canons lacked. It can better work with the new STM lenses. Getting it bundled with an 18-135mm STM lens (avoid ... Read More »