A good chicken marinade to compliment my alfredo sauce?

Answer I might try oil, basil, crushed red pepper. i' d be careful of lemon in a cream sauce - might curdle

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When you have chicken alfredo do you just dig out the chicken?

Your friend's preference for chicken with alfredo sauce minus the noodles is his choice (and money). Some people are just weird in what or how they eat. Don't let you it bother you. (P.S. I separat... Read More »

How to Make Alfredo Sauce?

This is a method of Creating/Making Alfredo Sauce.

Alfredo Sauce Questions?

Hi there. Alfredo is an awesome sauce but there are many variations. I have found over the years that simple works best for me.A: Use a roux? Yes you can do this, but it def dilutes the flavor of y... Read More »

How to Make Vegan Alfredo Sauce?

The creamy, smooth elegance of Alfredo sauce is fortunately a taste that can be replicated even without the addition of dairy products. Vegan Alfredo sauce is not only a quick topping that can be w... Read More »