A glob of vaginal discharge jumped on my leg but not dripped?

Answer you may be about to start you period. Those usually come when you've eaten a lot of unhealthy of fatty foods. Your vagina is cleansing itself right before you have a period. Its usually white but i... Read More »

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Does an IUD cause vaginal discharge?

On One Hand: IUD Can Cause DischargeAn IUD (intrauterine device) can cause an abnormal discharge. Planned Parenthood encourages women to get immediate medical attention if they experience discharge... Read More »

What does black vaginal discharge mean?

You probably have a gremlin baby. That or your colon is attached to your vagina.

Is it bad that I don't pay that much attention to my vaginal discharge?

(sung to the tune of Sunshine on My Shoulders - John Denver)Discharge...from my hoohaMakes my happy..Discharge...from my hoohaMakes me cryIf I had a day..I could give to you...All my hooha goo..Dis... Read More »

What causes excessive vaginal discharge?

its just part of your cycle. you are probably getting close to ovulating or are ovulating. discharge is very normal unless it has a bad smell or odd color . I have had this same problem since i was... Read More »