A girl or a motherboard and a processor?

Answer I think it really depends on who the girl is. If she's already someone special to you and you have a good relationship, then that money is well worth spending on her. She'll feel special and it may... Read More »

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Help pick out a Motherboard & Processor ?

If you actually have PC2100 memory, I suspect that is your problem. It is DDR not DDR2 and they don't make motherboards that use DDR memory any more. If you want to use the memory you have you wi... Read More »

Can you put an Intel processor in an AMD motherboard?

Generally, an Intel processor cannot be placed in a motherboard designed for AMD processors because the two companies design processors for sockets with different pin configurations. Occasionally, ... Read More »

Can you install my old processor to another motherboard?

How to Upgrade My Motherboard's Processor?

As a computer ages and newer, more powerful pieces of software are released, many PC owners will find themselves in need of upgrading their hardware. One of the most important upgrades is the compu... Read More »