A girl name that starts with m?

Answer maybelle makaylamaddie madonamaramariameganmaybellemaggiemargeretmaranthamatilda maya

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How old should a girl be when she starts wearing makeup?

For special occasions, I don't see a problem with starting around 12 yrs old. To start wearing it every day, I think she should be at least 16. The important thing is to try to convince her that yo... Read More »

How old should a girl be when she starts...(see details) EASY POINTS!?

1.) I ididnt start shaving my legs until i was about 13-14. It really depends on how much hair they have on their legs.2.)When i was 16, i was able to go to the mall with friends, and no parents. O... Read More »

What is a beautiful baby name for a girl that's starts with the letter N?

I'm a 15 year year old girl. when ever i get nervous my heart starts beating like really fast, what to do?

It sounds like a mild anxiety. I suffer from it so badly my heart skips beats, so I understand how scary it can be. Normally walking away from a nervous situation, or sitting down and taking long... Read More »