A game show contestant won a prize by pushing a bowling ball 20m using her nose The amount of work done is 1470J How much force did the contestant exert on the ball?

Answer you have to get applications i cant find eny at the minute

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How do you become a game show contestant?

Yes. Some Georgia Superintendent won the million dollar question: Who was the longest reining British Monarch? She answered: Queen Victoria and it was Correct!

What is it like to be a TV game show contestant?

Im sure its nerveracking. You enter a whole different world then your used to. Being on the other side of the TV(camera) can be intimidating. They have people that tell you what to say and what not... Read More »

Who makes a great contestant on game show?

Robin Scherbatsky is played by Cobie Smulders, the actress from Canada

How do children apply to be a contestant on a tv game show?

The show was called Shenanigans. It ran on ABC from 1964 to 1965 and was hosted by Stubby Kaye.