A full scan with malwarebytes does it scan EVERYRHING?

Answer Yes, everything. Except the inside of encrypted folders and files. You may want to consider having a netshield running that scans as it downloads, Avast has one that runs with their AV.

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How long does a Malwarebytes full scan last?

Hi RaseRemove malaware. That is pure garbage. Get AVAST software. It is FREE and secondly, much faster, extremely reliable and it will not slow the performance of your computer.All programmers swe... Read More »

When i preform a full scan, does it scan through all my windows account?

Yes.Look in task manager and find the process is using the most CPU. Search the internet for the name of the process followed by the phrase 'high cpu'. You should be able to find some help on what ... Read More »

What happens if you abort scan in Malwarebytes?

you can stop the scan and it will allow you to delete the files detected but the best option is to allow it to complete and see if it actually finds something in the areas you were not expecting to... Read More »

Malwarebytes says it completed the scan as soon as it starts did i mess something up?

i would uninstall and download the new version and try again