A free scripting program for Windows Vista?

Answer There are many scripting applications that are quite powerful. And the one that you mention should be available from their web site at: have both the Version 3 and... Read More »

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How do I add a program to Windows startup in Vista?

Click on the "Start" button, then on "All Programs." Navigate to the "Startup" folder and right-click on it. Choose "Explore" or "Explore All Users" to add a program to the start-up sequence for al... Read More »

Is there a program for fax and scan in windows vista?

If you subscribe with an internet fax, sending and receiving of fax documents is very easy and convenient. You can even send unlimited fax documents and you may no longer use papers and inks to ge... Read More »

How to Run a Program in Vista in Windows XP Emulation Mode?

If you have a particular computer program that is designed for use with Microsoft Windows XP and you wish to run the program using Microsoft Windows Vista, you may need to run the program in Micros... Read More »

Why is the Windows Vista e-mail program so slow?

Windows Vista offers high-definition interfaces, streamlined file management, helpful sidebar gadgets and many other impressive features. However, Vista sometimes ironically struggles with very bas... Read More »