A firecracker just blew up in my hand, what do i need to do?

Answer Call the doctor's office and see what they say about it.Answer mine please, it has to do with boarding school admissions...;…

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I just accidentally blew my pimples! What should I do now?

Do not use any product with citric acid or fruit stuff in it, your skin now is already injured and sensitive. Usually whitening products have those kind of ingredient. Use only clean water to rinse... Read More »

My computer just blew up?

Well computers and some tv's and ipods run on smoke, If the smoke comes out of them they won't work anymore

My lawn mower just blew up and there is a big hole in the block. any answers?

Unless that's a very nice, fairly new riding are better off getting a new mower.

I just blew chunks in the bathroom sink as soon as I got home & the hubs didn't offer to help clean it. WTF?